August 30, 2010


Everything changed ? OWHHHHH shocked me ! I have no changed ! Believe me TT
So sad !

Awaiting Wednesday , hello Cheng En . I want to watch the performance lah ! ARGH !
My sejarah FAILED , my BM failed as well . But i am so happy to get my BM result . 59 ;D I am proud to get this result . And i dont think my CIKGU LOK will add 1 mark to me but this is OK :D

Why everyone likes to complaint the things they have ? OHHH , i hate YOU ! GO die bah :D
Everyday haha doesn't mean you are happy .

August 24, 2010

happy birthday .

Happy birthday to shit . Get ready to your plan :D Hope to listen a good news from you .
Byebye PMR and hello UEC . I love you SO MUCH !
and me LOVELY geography and sejarah . Sejarah , you are so cute . Cause i don't know what were you asking . You are TOO cute . Geography , you are so cute too . Because i know what were you asking . ILOVEYOU geography .

Yesterday was my birthday . It was memorable :D Thanks for all the presents and wishes . HAPPY arh ! Tomorrow i think i am not going out to celebrate == ERMMMM , stay at school ? OWhhh , this is a good idea (:

BYEBYE ! and happy birthday to shit !

August 7, 2010

The pinky swear .

Saturday again , time flies swiftly . 13 days .

Today , someone has incur Mrs.Loo wrath because of the result . Hey , i get good result :D But Mrs.Loo still leng lui x) PMR &UEC around the corner . I have thoroughly fall in love with you . I know u love me too (:

She can strike up a conversation with others easily as she is a sociable person :D She , is not me . She is her .

Sinyong dont forget :D Let's do pinky swear x) I am going to play DRUM . Ping xiu , voiolin . Sinyong , piano . Karyan , guitar . Hey , let us prepare from now on . And get the Champion next year ((:

Gosh , I tried to dull my inner scream . Yet , again i failed to do so .

Science stream next year . God bless me :D