July 31, 2010

I love you , do you love me :D

Hello and Bye bye Chin Kit . You grow taller and taller :D I want see you next time ;)
and , Hello PMR and UEC . I haven't prepare . KH , GEO , SEJARAH , CHEMISTRY , BIO , MATH , BM , CHINESE , ENGLIGH . I love you . Do you love me :D

Everyone please brush your teeth every morning and night . Please don't learn SIEW ZI LE . Brush teeth every morning ONLY . == orang yang kotor .

Don't know today's sing-a-long singing what songs . == Sedikit regret tak ada pergi TT
I miss the sei ma lao x) I still owe my art teacher 3 art homework -.- Sorry teacher , i am not going to do .

I'm hot-chick . you too , Karyan x)
Singing competition , what song you all want to sing . I dunno lahhh !

Tomorrow not going to online . Study lahhh

July 24, 2010


Please dont call me to study . I don't want TT
Die pun tak mahu . TT Many exams , many many many many many things to do . 24 hours a day is not enough for me , but i still sitting here online and chat with my friend ? Go die lah me ==

Hello , Singing competition . Which song we going to sing . Huh , yipkaryan and lewpingxiu? I also don't know want sing what song lahh TT Sing-a-long sangat funny , pergi join :D Every Saturday after school (: Call many ppl join baru funny (:

I don't know how to write my sentiment ==


July 17, 2010


Everyone wants study .
Everyone stops playing .
ARGHHH , go die everyone !
Getting lazy and don't want to study . 33 days? SHIT .
People please kill me TT
Tuesday science , Wednesday sejarah , Friday chinese .
Time flies swiftly .

Ping Xiu suddenly offline ==
Who wants cut boycut after exam? WHO WANTS ?
We go cut together (:

ping xiu , ni bu yao yi wei ni bang ya jiu hen li hai .
karyan , ni bu yao yi wei ni hen gao jiu hen li hai .
xian hui , ni bu yao yi wei ni you chi zhuang jiu hen li hai .
shu wen , ni bu yao yi wei ni mei tian eat lemon jiu hen li hai .
shermaine , ni bu yao yi wei ni hui chang wo shi yi zhi xiao xiao niao jiu hen li hai .
cheng en , ni bu yao yi wei ni jiao cheng en jiu hen li hai .
pei yin , ni bu yao yi wei ni hen xiang shu wen jiu hen li hai .
zi le , ni bu yao yi wei ni de zui ba hen da jiu hen li hai .
member , ni bu yao yi wei ni de zui ba hen xiao ni jiu hen li hai .


July 12, 2010

P.y Low

I will study chemistry after typing this post . I am lazy lahhh . People help me !
Geography die today . Thanks Sue Wen . she gave me see the answers . I try me best to see the answers but can't see . Suan . I dont mind if Fail . My books at school incur i cannot study . Haiz .

Awaiting tomorrow (: Xian hue please dont forget what you want to tell me x) i will bring Kinder for you XD AND go study your chem lahhh . So free . Saya pun sama == DONT FORGET LAHHH , IF NOT I WILL KILL YOU

I love Mcdonald .
Mcdonald , i love you
I love Mcdonald lahhh . Want me say how many times !
Yoohh , wei xian still owe me Sticky . Don't forget also (: I want lemon one , don't want mix der . Cause got a lot of KIWI ==

Finally , i found my physics exercise book (:
My mum woke up today morning and watch the world cup . She was so angry with the Spain player . I don't know why . Haha , and she says David Villa very yong sui . Sorry for David Villa's fans .

Messi is the most leng zai football player lahhh . Everyone loves Messi . I don't know why Argentina will lose TT Germany lohhh . ARGHHH
And the octopus who named PAUL . ==

Byebye . want study my chem

July 10, 2010

Dilemma !

I am still alive .


Today's sejarah , 60 questions there . I think got 50 questions i did myself . So , the conclusion is , my sejarah SURE fail this time (: Not the first time . Today's math , YEA . I did all myself . i know i'm very geng (; thanks kuk fa , it was not so difficult .

Mrs.Loo so good . 20 minutes for sleep and another 20 minutes for studying . What a good teacher . Where we want to go after PMR and UEC? We are planning NOW . No mood to study , but what can i do? Don't want study ? GOOD . PMR and UEC , which is the most important ? UEC ? the hardest and the most important . Go die bahhh , no die also no use . Die can become fossil fuel , still got a little bit use . SO , go die bahhh . Jiji says .

I was elated by Karyan's doughnut . Thanks you KRISPY KREME doughnut .

Buzz off , Thank you .

Pragmatic , meddlesome and cheeky . I am saying you .

Post mortem , Woahhhh i scare . Karyan don't scare , u must learn this if u want become a doctor(:

FIFA final tomorrow , shall i going to watch ?

Spain and netherlands . OAHHH , they are same . Cause doesn't have Argentina . TT

Just now noticed that i didn't have my physics exercise book . SHIT , no need to do physics exercise . And Monday should pass up . And i had never pass up the physics exercise on time . Geography haven't study , Chemistry haven't study , Chinese haven't study . Time is not enough for me now . Masa itu emas TT

My mum is watching FIFA now . And now i can't fall asleep . No mood to study also . ARGH Die is better . Please don't shout , downstairs derr . People is sleeping now .

What your occupation? Forensic Scientist . Stop day-dreaming , please and thanks.

Want change society next year ? I don't know . I want , but i don't want . You will not understand how was the feeling .

People please help me .

July 5, 2010

Don't cry over spilled milk .

holiday ended , sport day ended , PMR UEC coming .
Please come faster and past faster .
I am uploading the photos now . ==
SLOW u knowwwww .
tomorrow history exam
wednesday sejarah ( T2)
thursday history AGAIN
i hate exams , who doesn't ?
Everyone please listen here . I am serious now . VERY VERY SERIOUS .
thanks for all the people who hate me
i love you <3

sad die me .
Dear messi dont sad please . dont cry TT
not Argentina poor . Is Germany too geng .

I still uploading those photosss.
worry about my SEJARAH
YEA , how i gonna die my sejarah this time?

Don't cry over spilled milk .
i am talking you . YOU