March 17, 2011

Are you eyes wide open ?

Super fatigue today , but since I'm not going school tomorrow so I decide not to sleep so early :/ Legs super pain , but who else didn't feel the same . Quite regret but useless . Nothing can change the fact , but miracles happen all the time :O

Time flies really fast , school gonna reopen . Don't feel like going to school like last year , hated almost all saturdays and sundays last year but not this year . Going school everyday only wait recess time or the time after school . How bad :(

Find the one who knows you well , treats you good , cares you much

March 15, 2011

Muscle attractive .

Yesterday so FUN ! The happiest day in this year , REALLY SUPER SUPER FUN ! Happy Birthday SSUNG , the birthday week :/ Hope you happy always , and I love you forever I know you do :D

March 12, 2011

Forever there.

Went coffee bean just now and had coffee. So is already 1 am something and I can't fall asleep. And yesterday I slept for 12 hours. I don't know why I can sleep so long and no one wakes me.

Emm just found out that sei Ssung typed note on my phone. Haha ! Why are you so cute. Am I late to found that out ? Anyway , happy birthday in advance. A day more I know , too bad I can't gift you that , it will be the awesome present if I gift that but I can't -- please forgive me. Maybe I will send you that on your wedding day haha !

Dear japan , get well soon.

March 7, 2011

The last time.

The first day of exam. Physics makes me lost the confidence. No more A , or maybe fail. Not feel like studying after physics. Shit you physics. Chinese too D: Trigo please be easy , I don't want triple-kill.