December 30, 2010

All the best .

The last two days of 2010 . OMG , time always flies so swift @@ Everyone got their events tomorrow , YES me too me too . Genting trip countdown tomorrow , it's will be funfunfunfunfunfun ! SSUNG , I wont brike my promise . We're going to drive all the place :) Rakuzen , Showflake , Dpc , and countdownnnnn . I won't forget lah . 3 years moreeeeee.

Next year JiJi again , nice good teacher . All the best next year everyone

December 27, 2010

You --

Ong Xian Hue : ( I wish I didn't spell wrong your name -- ) Next year not same class eh , you please dont miss me so much . And don't forget go recess together ah ! Anddddd , jiayou lah .

Nah here ! -- force me one xD

December 23, 2010

The mature .

I wonder how long I didn't update my blog , a week ? Yea , maybe . Today went school and took Uec and Pmr result . Satisfy ? Hmmm , actually not quite . Anyway , it's gone . Next year hardworking more , and don't regret again . That's what I can do to console myself .

Christmas Eve today , Christmas is the one of my favorite celebrations . Don't you feel warm when Christmas ? Maybe some of the Chinese didn't celebrate it , yea . But not me =D Not christian also can celebrate lah xD Let's sing a Christmas song . :D

After Christmas , New year will be around the corner . It's as fast as you blink you eyes . *blink*
School will be reopen before Chinese New Year , hello 4s xin . I'm coming :D And I gonna sit with ChengEn at the first day . Looking forward =D Hmmmm , feel so weird same class with them , the weird them O.O

The friends gonna be closer and closer and closer ,you are not the one of the friends . But you used to be . How terrible is the feelings ! You'll rather go die .

December 15, 2010

Sorry that I loved you .

Holidays bored , I wonder where the sakais been , and how they spend their holidays . Online ,eat , sleep ? Waste my life :(

Hope next year will be a good year , just like this year . We get along well with each other , we play all the time . But we also can concentrate all the time . This was 3 Ai . We enjoy the time when we're together . We play , we shout , we happy , we laugh , we cry . We live for friends that time . We like school , because of friends .

People changed a lot in year 2010 . Became more crazy , more open , more fun , more happy . This wasn't sad case (: I changed too , i guess . Someone said this before , but I deny it . I don't like to let people feel like I've changed . I scare I become worst than before . Yea , maybe I got . Well , it's still me (:

Last year of 2010 , 2011 is around the corner . Memory never dies , I believe =D

Pray until something happens .

Back from Korea finally , but i miss korea so much . The people there , the weather , the food and blablabla . Nice trip to korea (: Photos will be uploaded on facebook , wait please =D

4s Xin next year , ChengEn , WenWei , AhBoon , RobertWong , will be my classmates . That's all I know , hope more sakais will same class with me :D Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow , is the activity organised by zile still on ? But I think I can't go also , tomorrow got tuition lah -.-

Nothing special as usual , is holiday . Bored , black and white .

A memory last forever , never die .
A true friend stay together , never say goodbye .

December 8, 2010

Hi , Korea ,

Hello everyone , I'm in Korea now :)
So damn ,freaking , frigging cold . OMG Why am I be so rude one :/

Online in the hotel's lobby , listening the Christmas song , how relax :D Everyone please don't jealous me . -1 degree celsius now :/ How cold , you can't imagine . Now Malaysia is just 8pm , but Korea has already 10 pm .

I know everyone do miss me :) I tried to find some special souvenirs to bring back . Yet i failed . Reasons are : 1 ) Really nothing SO special , maybe I will buy at airport .
2 ) I tried to find those poster , like 2pm , girls generation , but too expensive lah :(

I brought 21 thousands Won (Korea money ) , please dont think there is enough me to use :( 1000 Won exchange to Ringgit just only RM 3 :( Not much Not much ! Their money so big , sometimes I don't know how to use their money -.- This isn't seichun -.-

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH , I will post more and upload photos when I'm back to Malaysia :) And the most important thing , please dont miss me too much :)

Peiyou ,
-with MUCH love :) -

December 5, 2010

*Beautiful eyes I got , dont jealous me xD

Sister bought a thing that she was demanded long time ago , the point is she got it ! Where's mine :( I'm still waiting . Be patient , he said . Oh god , time please go faster . First time I wish .
Tomorrow Xianhue's birthday ? Tomorrow ? Unfortunately , I am going to fly to Korea tomorrow . So the point is , no present :)

How could a stranger be brave like this ?I wonder . Yeah , I'm Patrick :)
Beautiful eyes but terrible face TT

-with much love -

December 2, 2010

With much love ♥

Friday , Today is Friday ah ! 3 days left :D I'm so excited ! After 3 days , I will not be a half-dead person anymore , how great is this . I hope everything back to normal , hmmm . I hate holidays , I'm serious .

I miss everyone badly :( I miss TL too , sorry Shermaine . I miss he put his fingers inside his mouth and start to think the math questions , how cute . I miss banana too . I miss he put his fingers inside his nose holes , then start wat-bei-c , how disgusting ! I miss Shermaine curi-curi look her TL . I miss Lee Xiu Lan's famous pose . I miss Kuk-Fa taught us the qi-gong ._. I miss my ssung badly :( I miss everyone !

I'm going to meet my Ssung

-With much love -

November 29, 2010

Stefan . Damon . Haimen ♥

Seven days to go , and I am going to fly . To where which is having war right now .
It is not the point . The point is I don't know how cold it will be .

I really hate holidays , i guess . No friends , no fun , no joy , no laughter .How sad , everyone knows . I just hope to meet friends because I really do miss you all so much ! No have any target in this holiday , sad case :(

SSung dung II , i miss you so much ! And i've wrote 7 letters for you . Some of them are pointless , please forgive me . But i've tried so hard not to wrote very-lame-thing . Yet , (you know lah . ) Andddddddddd , armpit got muscles -.- Disgusting you know ! But muscles

I know you all miss me , i miss you all too

November 25, 2010

It's live :D

I love 3 ai

November 19, 2010

Tweet ;)

First time feel like dont like holidays :(
Holidays really killing me , nothing to do at home .
I want to back school , meet friends . I really miss you guys so much :/

4 days to go , excited ! Really .
We all sure have a memorable graduate trip . SURE xD

Tweet Tweet Tweet ,
follow me :)

November 17, 2010

Hols :(

Back from Donkey's house , had fun there :)
But I think his mother will never let us go his house anymore :/
We were too noisy at there .

Went Shabu one with 17 sakais yesterday .
We ate a lot , talked a lot , laughed a lot , slept a lot , happy a lot :)
How happy was that :D

Looking forward the graduate trip .
6 days left :0
But 3 days only :(
Not enough time to let us play one loh .

Carmen Teh Kar Mun A.K.A TehTarik ,
Dont think too much , everything will be fine :)
Good luck :)

November 15, 2010

Happy :D

Someone told me no need to do it what I finished -.-
Whatever , it's beautiful :)

Tomorrow will be the last day , sadcase :(
I really will miss the life at GuoZhiLou ,
the Junior Middle life ,
and welcome senior one .

Boys are going to wear long pants ,
it will seems taller . Good for the-very-short one x)
Senior one must be very M.A.T.U.R.E.
Cant do the DaiB things that we do it everyday .

Macam very sad one TT
Please dont let your tears down tomorrow , it's HAPPY :D

November 13, 2010

Good Luck .

Last two days to be a Junior Middle student . And byebye
Time flies swiftly , always .
Time doesn't wait people , always , too .
Dont spend much time to do something lame (?) -.-

Break a leg , for SPM's candidates .
And wish UPSR's candidates will full of cheerful and delighted of their results .

Have fun with Shermaine them at Starbucks today , discussing TL , the man x)
Ordered two cups tall drinks and stayed there for 2 hours . -.-
How great was it :)

Nothing else I can post . The dark circle and the eye pack make me wanna kill myself :(
SadCase .

November 12, 2010

LEO , KAI , :D

Wow , that's call lengzai :D
Leo Bartenstein , Kai Bartenstein . Great name :)
But i just saw Kai's real person but not Leo :(
Nevermind , they are same , Twins mah :D

Stop thinking of them -.-
We just saw each other for only 10 seconds -.-
Very DaiB loh

Busying practice dance this few days , for camp fire while graduate trip . Excited !
Club can't handle me . WOW
I pretty sure 3AI's students will have a nice , great , wonderful , memorable , unforgettable , blablabla trip to pulau pangkor :)

Till then , byebye .

November 9, 2010


みなさん、こんにちは , 私の名前はドーナツです .
私はドーナツを食べるのが好きなので、 :)

今日、私はとても満足している , 少年少女たちが日本から私の学校に行ってきました . 幸いにも、あるすべてのハンサム :) 我々は彼らと一緒に写真をたくさん撮って . しかし、彼らはわずか20分のための私達のクラスを来た. 悲しい :(

私はすでにFacebookを利用してそれらを追加しました. 後藤アリサ & 西崎正一 . しかし、私は別の1つを忘れて.申し訳ありません :)

私は今日は満足している , さようなら.

Dont ever look back ?

People always think you are happy when you laugh ,
People always think you are sad when you let your tears down ,
People always think something start from negative way ,
People always feel regret after doing something stupid ,
People always think too much ,
People always hate telling their feelings to someone .

It's sad and hurt . Who knows ?

November 6, 2010

Saturday .

Full of sadness today , not me . But the Form 6 students .
Hope you guys dont miss me :)
Thought of study Form 6 before , but regret now .
Dont want to be one of the UEC candidates -.-

Went Pizza Hut after that , with Angel , Carmen,Xianhue , Member , Shermaine , Harley , Jonny , ChengEn , Boon , Shuwen , Donkey , CX, Angie , Amanda , ZhenHui , blablabla .
19 people if I am not mistaken :)
6 pizzas ?Haha

Went Jusco after after that . Thought of watching a movie but there not have a suitable time for us , so we decided to go TIMTIM . I pretty sure that i will not going there for the THIRD time!
Hahahahahahahahhahahahahah very excited ! Drama society next year, maybe :D

Yeah today Saturday . I love Saturday night with some reason :D

November 4, 2010

It's late at night and I cant sleep .

Today need to upload many photos , TT
3 albums i think . Used almost 4 hours non-stop uploading photo . GENG :)
Today was the Children's day , I mean our class . 4 periods ?

Very very very super duper huper nuper muper guper HAPPY , took photos , play games , laugh , dance , jump , HA ! HA ! HA ! -.- And have received a belated birthday present :) The happiest part of the whole Children's day is when playing game . Call us danse WOR ! Bernice so HOT !

Interview Drama society after that , not decide to go interview actually . The angel loh . But it quite nice :) Just dance and introduce yourself . Hi my name is Lowpeiyou , I am from JRM3 AI , they all call my doughnut because i like to eat doughnut -.- Very fish lah !

Science stream next year :) Very scare one loh actually . Haihhhhhhh . 2010 over soon . TT Seem like do nothing in this year :(

October 31, 2010

Wish-to-have .


My WISH-TO-HAVE list (:
1) A lot of money .
2) A lot of free time .
3) A true friend .
4) A perfect boyfriend :)

Actually not much , but still hard to get all :( A lot of money then I can spend it without breaking heart . A lot of free time then I can do what i wish to do . A true friend then I can tell her/him what I'm thinking . A perfect boyfriend , uhhummmm . What if I got a perfect boyfriend ? Is nice one =D

Tomorrow school :) Exciting , See whether Form3 students how to rock school :) Hope the history teacher let us see Sherlock :D Nice movie . Forget to reply all the letter , sorry . Lazy really . Please forgive my laziness . I have been typing this post all morning , but still haven finish :/

Not plucky enough to do something lah , sei8po !

Really I , long to be like her someday in the future =D

Noob faces , whatever :)HAHA , planning what to play when school reopen . High ! Really cant adapt myself with the so-free-life . HA ! Sometimes will got the heart to study history . GOSH -.- owhhh , i cant be so rude one :\

Looking forward to the graduate trip . WOW , really excited ! Senior one student next year . Mature more ? Hello lah , I already very mature lah . Really unbelievable . HAHA
Tomorrow still no school :( Miss friends lah . Torture ahhhh !

Pavilion snow flake later :)

B Y E B Y E :D

October 29, 2010


Yeahhhhhhhhh so happy :D
UEC finished , finally .
Byebye all my books .

Today went out with 3ai :D
Time Square , Sungai Wang and Pavilion .
Cosmo , Tbowl and Snow Flake .
Met many blue-eyes people :)

I am now a senior one student .
Woahhhhhhhh :D
Very very happy !
New target lahhhhh haha !


October 14, 2010

Unlucky :(

Charming smile ?
Scary smile more suitable . But still lengzai !

Decide to find midnight king this midnight .
Feel disappointing not see him online :/

Falling love with Adam Lambert.
He is a gay unfortunately . TT
Sad case ;-(

I not decide to update my blog actually ,
Just forced by someone -.-
The lenglui ? Xian hue -.-

October 13, 2010



UEC is around the corner .
Everyone no feel like scaring about it until the day before Uec .
Me too ;(

Dont force yourself to do something you hate . So , dont force others too .
Study lah guys ! JIAYOU .

Brainless !

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Today Wednesday .
Dunno what to do to spend time -.- Except studying !

Time flies swiftly .
And it can change someone . From good to bad .
Sad case ;(
Doesn't mean anyone . Just feel sad of this mere little thing-.-

God gives you a pair of eyes in order to let you see something wonderful beautiful in this world .
Not to give you judge people with your eyes .
Please use your brain !
Humans have eyes but they're still blind -.- From : TUK

Dont regret what you did .
You will feel like killing yourself !
I have nothing much to say
Dont forget what you said
12/10/10 9:18pm

October 12, 2010


Pmr ended . Uec around the corner . Jiayou :D
Please dont let yourself play too much after Pmr . Dont forget you still got Uec .

Went out with 3Ai today .
A lot of photos today .
Uploading -.- Very super duper hyper turtle snail SLOW .
126 photos TT

Today saw something very sad .
Feel like killing myself . TT
Really sad .
Really feel like killing myself TT TT
I hate lah !
Boys cant believed ?

Msn still cant sign in ! GO DIE

October 11, 2010

If i had you :)

Hot this :D
Lengzai .

Today's KH .
no A , so sad . Still remember that teacher said no need study Kh then can score A easily . Lie one -.-
no more A .

Tomorrow 's Chinese :D
Hope karyan's kakak no hungry now . And safe now . God bless you .
Adam Lambert - if i had you :D

October 7, 2010

Hello ;D

I need a card reader TT
Hard if want to upload photo from handphone to computer . 8 po !
Seems like PMR has gone -.-
Seems like everyone no mood to study math and kh and chinese .
Expecially MATH !
Free A and money bonus ? Ahahahahaha someone told me like this .
But he was not saying math but Sejarah --

Sejarah ?
Half an hour to finish .
1 minute 2 questions :D
Hope I will no regret after that . Hope too .

Pulao Pangkor !
WOAH , so happy .
And now you can throw all your sejarah books , science , Dr.jekyll and Mr.Hyde , Tatabahasa , Meniti Kaca , Panas Salju , Pasir Salak .
BYE my books . Dont miss me :DDDDD

Tuk tuk was awesome ! :DDDDDDD

September 24, 2010


I have wrote five letters today :D that's to karyan, shermaine, member, Xian hui and Cheng en.
Don't too happy :D I wrote the whole page of a piece of foolscap paper.
You can see how great I was :D
I hate getting bad results. Who likes ?

Today just busying to write those letters.
It can help yo improve my Chinese :D
tomorrow change places ?
I hope teachers help to arrange the seats.
Or else , we really don't know how to change it. I think not everyone wants to change seat loh GAWR

Friends like to share their joy with friends.

September 23, 2010

Sometimes, goodbye is the only way .

UEC trial gone :)
Very happy thought can play ball with them . RAIN arhhhh :(
Really a lot of funny things happened when I was small . That's call DAiB !

Today's maths .
I think I won't fail but i want A . It's hard to take it .
Hope UEC will easier than this time :D

11 days . I just want myself to rest one day . (: not much .
WOW , ah Ben find me to talk . Excited !

September 21, 2010


Sorry everyone .
Enjoy .
I hate people who breaks the promise ! I hate myself !
Sorry please forgive me . TT

I gave up my history . Sorry history teacher . I hope i can get more higher marks in my science for not dissapointed my history teacher :D
11 days . See how I fight with books !


September 15, 2010

Jiayou :)

Kids have stress too. The city was sick. The country was sick.
The whole world sick too. Everyone sick. Let's die together.

We are still kids (:
hey , how many days do we have ? How many hours ? How many minutes? And how many seconds ?
Please spend your time in studying. Except studying, you can do nothing.
Jiayou (:

Time always flies swiftly. ALWAYS.
Believe me please.

I scare too. I worry too.
We are just the same ;)

September 10, 2010

Love as long as you live .

Selamat Hari Raya .
I think I have Malay friends :D

Just went back from a great birthday party .
Had fun there .
Ohyaaaaa , the biggest one !
Dont forget to bring us go Sunway after PMR and UEC . Dont forget ! You are going to be a driver and a cameraman :D
Look forward arh !!!

Love as long as you live :D
Owhhhh , I do love you :)

September 9, 2010

Laugh as much as you breathe

Study please people. I hate holidayTT
Holidays make me getting lazy. I hate it.
Doesn't have much time to spend. Uec trial is around the corner.
You can do nothing except study. For you own good.
I have no time to study. Shit holidays.

Hello friends , I do really miss you all so much.

When I see your face.
That's not a thing that I would change.
Cause you're amazing.
Just the way you are :D

Laugh as much as you breathe :)

Life is like a box of chocolates.

Study chemistry lah GO !
Chemistry is harder than Biology TT

Life is like a box of chocolates ,
You never know what you gonna get :D

September 8, 2010

Just the way you are :D

Owhhh , sad case TT
Really sad , it seems like my false . Dont think too much ! This is the point !
Everyone likes to make their things complicated ! Go die people !

I've finished my biology :D Please dont envy me .
Chemistry is the next target ! God bless me :)
Hope the crash course can really help me . Hello , my dearest DI LI .

You're amazing (:

September 5, 2010

A moment like this .

Hello KOREA .
yesterday watched a lot of movies :D
Chipmunks and the Chipettes . But i prefer Chipmunks .
Awesome Theodore :)

Pity Chee Yang ,
Everyone will be busy so cant meet Chee yang .
I know you miss me :D

And GG , i will confirm the date for you soon .
Be patient .
And call more people -.-

Tomorrow need to see that Chin Suan !
SHIT LAH ! MORNING 1130 . Karyan please dont forget !
I think I can go .

Today is the second day TT
i spend much of my time for doing something I like .
And you know , i dont like studying TT
Watching movie . TT
I ' m addicted on it . ARGH! Dont force me please !

You are such an embarrassment !
I hate you . You have a pair of small eyes . I hate you because of your face problems and your body odour . I hate you . I always ignore you and throw you a hateful look for when I saw you .
I were full of anger when I saw you . I hope you just disappear out of my sight ! And byebye .

September 3, 2010


再见各位. 其实我只在跟一个人道别.
再见了. 谢谢你.陪伴我度过那难熬的1年.
其实曾经讨厌你 . 因为你真的很烦 .
但是还是谢谢你 .
不舍谁不会有 .
虽然你有时真的很wai ,
我讲真的 !

August 30, 2010


Everything changed ? OWHHHHH shocked me ! I have no changed ! Believe me TT
So sad !

Awaiting Wednesday , hello Cheng En . I want to watch the performance lah ! ARGH !
My sejarah FAILED , my BM failed as well . But i am so happy to get my BM result . 59 ;D I am proud to get this result . And i dont think my CIKGU LOK will add 1 mark to me but this is OK :D

Why everyone likes to complaint the things they have ? OHHH , i hate YOU ! GO die bah :D
Everyday haha doesn't mean you are happy .

August 24, 2010

happy birthday .

Happy birthday to shit . Get ready to your plan :D Hope to listen a good news from you .
Byebye PMR and hello UEC . I love you SO MUCH !
and me LOVELY geography and sejarah . Sejarah , you are so cute . Cause i don't know what were you asking . You are TOO cute . Geography , you are so cute too . Because i know what were you asking . ILOVEYOU geography .

Yesterday was my birthday . It was memorable :D Thanks for all the presents and wishes . HAPPY arh ! Tomorrow i think i am not going out to celebrate == ERMMMM , stay at school ? OWhhh , this is a good idea (:

BYEBYE ! and happy birthday to shit !

August 7, 2010

The pinky swear .

Saturday again , time flies swiftly . 13 days .

Today , someone has incur Mrs.Loo wrath because of the result . Hey , i get good result :D But Mrs.Loo still leng lui x) PMR &UEC around the corner . I have thoroughly fall in love with you . I know u love me too (:

She can strike up a conversation with others easily as she is a sociable person :D She , is not me . She is her .

Sinyong dont forget :D Let's do pinky swear x) I am going to play DRUM . Ping xiu , voiolin . Sinyong , piano . Karyan , guitar . Hey , let us prepare from now on . And get the Champion next year ((:

Gosh , I tried to dull my inner scream . Yet , again i failed to do so .

Science stream next year . God bless me :D

July 31, 2010

I love you , do you love me :D

Hello and Bye bye Chin Kit . You grow taller and taller :D I want see you next time ;)
and , Hello PMR and UEC . I haven't prepare . KH , GEO , SEJARAH , CHEMISTRY , BIO , MATH , BM , CHINESE , ENGLIGH . I love you . Do you love me :D

Everyone please brush your teeth every morning and night . Please don't learn SIEW ZI LE . Brush teeth every morning ONLY . == orang yang kotor .

Don't know today's sing-a-long singing what songs . == Sedikit regret tak ada pergi TT
I miss the sei ma lao x) I still owe my art teacher 3 art homework -.- Sorry teacher , i am not going to do .

I'm hot-chick . you too , Karyan x)
Singing competition , what song you all want to sing . I dunno lahhh !

Tomorrow not going to online . Study lahhh

July 24, 2010


Please dont call me to study . I don't want TT
Die pun tak mahu . TT Many exams , many many many many many things to do . 24 hours a day is not enough for me , but i still sitting here online and chat with my friend ? Go die lah me ==

Hello , Singing competition . Which song we going to sing . Huh , yipkaryan and lewpingxiu? I also don't know want sing what song lahh TT Sing-a-long sangat funny , pergi join :D Every Saturday after school (: Call many ppl join baru funny (:

I don't know how to write my sentiment ==


July 17, 2010


Everyone wants study .
Everyone stops playing .
ARGHHH , go die everyone !
Getting lazy and don't want to study . 33 days? SHIT .
People please kill me TT
Tuesday science , Wednesday sejarah , Friday chinese .
Time flies swiftly .

Ping Xiu suddenly offline ==
Who wants cut boycut after exam? WHO WANTS ?
We go cut together (:

ping xiu , ni bu yao yi wei ni bang ya jiu hen li hai .
karyan , ni bu yao yi wei ni hen gao jiu hen li hai .
xian hui , ni bu yao yi wei ni you chi zhuang jiu hen li hai .
shu wen , ni bu yao yi wei ni mei tian eat lemon jiu hen li hai .
shermaine , ni bu yao yi wei ni hui chang wo shi yi zhi xiao xiao niao jiu hen li hai .
cheng en , ni bu yao yi wei ni jiao cheng en jiu hen li hai .
pei yin , ni bu yao yi wei ni hen xiang shu wen jiu hen li hai .
zi le , ni bu yao yi wei ni de zui ba hen da jiu hen li hai .
member , ni bu yao yi wei ni de zui ba hen xiao ni jiu hen li hai .


July 12, 2010

P.y Low

I will study chemistry after typing this post . I am lazy lahhh . People help me !
Geography die today . Thanks Sue Wen . she gave me see the answers . I try me best to see the answers but can't see . Suan . I dont mind if Fail . My books at school incur i cannot study . Haiz .

Awaiting tomorrow (: Xian hue please dont forget what you want to tell me x) i will bring Kinder for you XD AND go study your chem lahhh . So free . Saya pun sama == DONT FORGET LAHHH , IF NOT I WILL KILL YOU

I love Mcdonald .
Mcdonald , i love you
I love Mcdonald lahhh . Want me say how many times !
Yoohh , wei xian still owe me Sticky . Don't forget also (: I want lemon one , don't want mix der . Cause got a lot of KIWI ==

Finally , i found my physics exercise book (:
My mum woke up today morning and watch the world cup . She was so angry with the Spain player . I don't know why . Haha , and she says David Villa very yong sui . Sorry for David Villa's fans .

Messi is the most leng zai football player lahhh . Everyone loves Messi . I don't know why Argentina will lose TT Germany lohhh . ARGHHH
And the octopus who named PAUL . ==

Byebye . want study my chem

July 10, 2010

Dilemma !

I am still alive .


Today's sejarah , 60 questions there . I think got 50 questions i did myself . So , the conclusion is , my sejarah SURE fail this time (: Not the first time . Today's math , YEA . I did all myself . i know i'm very geng (; thanks kuk fa , it was not so difficult .

Mrs.Loo so good . 20 minutes for sleep and another 20 minutes for studying . What a good teacher . Where we want to go after PMR and UEC? We are planning NOW . No mood to study , but what can i do? Don't want study ? GOOD . PMR and UEC , which is the most important ? UEC ? the hardest and the most important . Go die bahhh , no die also no use . Die can become fossil fuel , still got a little bit use . SO , go die bahhh . Jiji says .

I was elated by Karyan's doughnut . Thanks you KRISPY KREME doughnut .

Buzz off , Thank you .

Pragmatic , meddlesome and cheeky . I am saying you .

Post mortem , Woahhhh i scare . Karyan don't scare , u must learn this if u want become a doctor(:

FIFA final tomorrow , shall i going to watch ?

Spain and netherlands . OAHHH , they are same . Cause doesn't have Argentina . TT

Just now noticed that i didn't have my physics exercise book . SHIT , no need to do physics exercise . And Monday should pass up . And i had never pass up the physics exercise on time . Geography haven't study , Chemistry haven't study , Chinese haven't study . Time is not enough for me now . Masa itu emas TT

My mum is watching FIFA now . And now i can't fall asleep . No mood to study also . ARGH Die is better . Please don't shout , downstairs derr . People is sleeping now .

What your occupation? Forensic Scientist . Stop day-dreaming , please and thanks.

Want change society next year ? I don't know . I want , but i don't want . You will not understand how was the feeling .

People please help me .

July 5, 2010

Don't cry over spilled milk .

holiday ended , sport day ended , PMR UEC coming .
Please come faster and past faster .
I am uploading the photos now . ==
SLOW u knowwwww .
tomorrow history exam
wednesday sejarah ( T2)
thursday history AGAIN
i hate exams , who doesn't ?
Everyone please listen here . I am serious now . VERY VERY SERIOUS .
thanks for all the people who hate me
i love you <3

sad die me .
Dear messi dont sad please . dont cry TT
not Argentina poor . Is Germany too geng .

I still uploading those photosss.
worry about my SEJARAH
YEA , how i gonna die my sejarah this time?

Don't cry over spilled milk .
i am talking you . YOU

June 23, 2010

Waka waka (:

Helloo , miss me ? i KNOWWWWW
YEAHHH my argentina won WOOAHHHHHH
i love my Argentina like the mouse like the rice (:
Saturday , ARGHHHHHH i don't want to see my result . DON'T WANTT
I would get good result , if i studied harder . (:
conditional tense , saya good student ada listen mrs.loo cakap punya .(:
Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time to Africa
yeahhh , excited with the HARI SUKANNNN
3 AI jiayouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

June 12, 2010


I am waiting someone come back to makes spagetti for me =]
Dont envyyyy me (:
I still owe PING XIU spegetti . NOT me , is my mama (:
One week had gone . What also haven't done yett TT
I want DIE laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sexy tongue .

i hate the network keep disconnecting. Disturbing me to doing something make sense (;
Regret for cannot see chee yang today . I will miss you (:
Sejarah . I am trying to find some way to make me die serene == ARGHHHH who want teach me ? i think i am going to die SOON . yes , very SOONN
insomnia last night . Thinking that my PMR . How ? DIE
Sejarah three books .
Chinese 6 books or more .
KH 1book thick like a dictionary .
Geography teaching all places i dont interest in .
writing too much rubbish ==
POINT HERE . i am going to mak mak soon to watch WORLD CUPP .
baba says at home tak ada mood watchh XD

i love my sexy tongue(:

June 10, 2010

holiday still want tuitionnn . Pity me and my SSUNG DUNG II >. Still got a lot of homework haven't finish yett . Ermmm i should say i haven't touch my books in this holidayyy . i am getting lazyyy .

Goodnight everyoneee i am going to take my napp soon