May 22, 2011

Friendship foreverr

Super fun on Friday , hanging out with ssung and tan zu-zen . Patpo tanzuzen kacau our two people world lol . Nevermind , still fun :D No Pavilion next time , say Hi to KLCC :)

Nah SakaiXianhue , your turn to update hehe :D

April 23, 2011

You were born because you are going to be important to someone .

Hello finally update :O Nothing special happen boring school life . SCREW YOU . Time is fast when you're enjoying , very slow when you're waiting . You are good she is good he is good we are good I am good . And cupcake is LOVE haahahaha . Twins agree :D

You are

April 9, 2011

You can't laught at the same joke again and again , buy why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again ?

No use to deny the truth. But no one dares to tell you , I hope I could. But I don't want to see you sad. He isn't the one you thought he would be , onlooker knows. I wish that I can change you or turn you. But I'm just a useless listener. I don't know what can I do for you. Or maybe you are the only one who can help yourself.

Hello long time no see , a lot of homework and exam recently I don't know why. Teachers all like just ate something wrong and kept gave us tons of homework. Everyone just copy , so do I. Result out , no comment. I've already expected how would it be. No use to regret I know.

March 17, 2011

Are you eyes wide open ?

Super fatigue today , but since I'm not going school tomorrow so I decide not to sleep so early :/ Legs super pain , but who else didn't feel the same . Quite regret but useless . Nothing can change the fact , but miracles happen all the time :O

Time flies really fast , school gonna reopen . Don't feel like going to school like last year , hated almost all saturdays and sundays last year but not this year . Going school everyday only wait recess time or the time after school . How bad :(

Find the one who knows you well , treats you good , cares you much

March 15, 2011

Muscle attractive .

Yesterday so FUN ! The happiest day in this year , REALLY SUPER SUPER FUN ! Happy Birthday SSUNG , the birthday week :/ Hope you happy always , and I love you forever I know you do :D

March 12, 2011

Forever there.

Went coffee bean just now and had coffee. So is already 1 am something and I can't fall asleep. And yesterday I slept for 12 hours. I don't know why I can sleep so long and no one wakes me.

Emm just found out that sei Ssung typed note on my phone. Haha ! Why are you so cute. Am I late to found that out ? Anyway , happy birthday in advance. A day more I know , too bad I can't gift you that , it will be the awesome present if I gift that but I can't -- please forgive me. Maybe I will send you that on your wedding day haha !

Dear japan , get well soon.

March 7, 2011

The last time.

The first day of exam. Physics makes me lost the confidence. No more A , or maybe fail. Not feel like studying after physics. Shit you physics. Chinese too D: Trigo please be easy , I don't want triple-kill.

February 25, 2011

Dont forget to breathe .

Not going the farewell party , the same reason . Hope you can adapt yourself in the new environment , best luck :D

Don't ask about that , it had already passed . You can't change about the truth also , just let it go . Don't ever look back :D

You'll meet her , she's very pretty , even though sometimes she's sad for many days at a time . You'll see , when she smiles, you'll love her . - Pan's Labyrinth .

February 22, 2011

I would go through all this pain .

If i could , I would . I wish I can back to previous , back to last year , then i can change everything . If I could , I would rather not appear in this world if I can choose . Everything will change , become better , at least better than now .

Why I always can't find anyone when I am sad . Loneliness kills again . Why this world should appear so much of emotion , why can't everyone just live without loving , caring . Then everything will seem better . People will not sad .

The words hurt . but who cares ?

February 19, 2011

Annie finished her burger in the splits of a second .

Don't know why the people nowadays get sad easily , even just for a very little thing . Bad weather , bad thing , bad mood :( No existence of mankind to pacify , sad case . Loneliness was already killed her , but no one knows what made her cry .

February 14, 2011

I think I know .

Happy valentine's day . He's annoy , you're annoy , can you please go die . You SUCK ! You don't know you , she knows you . HAHA , chidabian . Who knows the sense of Valentine's day . We know , he knows , she knows , you don't know . Don't sad , smile like this :D just go sleep :) Don't think too much , do the one you should do , don't do the one you shouldn't to do , it's waste . You know that right ?

Hello annoying orange .

February 11, 2011

Hi anonymous .

Having a good time with friends , the true friends . We are happy when we gather to together , we laugh , talk , make jokes , and we will not feel sad . Yes , we are friends :DD

Truth always hurts :( Why I always do something like this ? I always don't know , I really hate myself sometimes , for being so overfriendly , superfluous , and somemore . I hope I won't care too much , yet I fail . Feeling sad everytime when think about that , I dont mean to do that , forgive me .

February 10, 2011

I'll be there for you whenever you need me .

Please don't always say those words , it really annoys . Yes , we changed seats . I don't know why I scare and why I care too much . Go die . The class getting noisier after changing seats i think , hope the teachers won't complain us .

Going out tomorrow , I'm so excited ! Yes , the first time mama allows me to go other's house without asking so much . First time really :) I hope I can go everywhere I want and mama allows . Can't sleep tonight , fireworks everywhere , luckily tomorrow's holiday :)

Don't think too much , you know you need me :D

February 4, 2011

I know you miss me :D

January 29, 2011

BFF , boy friend forever.

Hello , new post again :) I always don't know what to write , but I still want to update it. I dont know why , and I know it's kinda weird @@ feel like so many people birthday recently. Haha , no present but a warm wish :) by the way , happy birthday to zhe wei :)

Chinese New year is around the corner. Just blink your eyes *blink *. This new year will be te special one , no angpaos , no tangerines , no new shirts , no new shoes , no reunion dinner , no nga gu Beng , no poker cards :( first time didn't celebrate the Chinese new year. Quite sad. No Chinese new year but go travel , so will absent the first day of school reopen. Oh damn , still got a lot of homework and exams -- I'll miss you guys :) souvenir maybe Ssung <3

Playing poker in a very-small-warm-house , with the kids and the grandparents and aunties uncles , eating and drinking and boasting , how happy :) especially the reunion dinner , my favorite dinner ever :) The big family sitting around the table and start having the best dinner , and how dirty the table means how we enjoy the dinner :) this is Chinese new year <3

Till then ,With muchie love and I love you :)

January 19, 2011

A piece of cake always a welcome addition for any meal .

A lot of homework I haven't finish , guess what ? I'm lazy :( Today will be the day I finish all my homework . I don't want to copy homework just like last year , seriously . The time you start to copy , the time you start to get fail :( How bad . No more copy .

I wonder who the stupid rumour spread so fast @@ It's really annoy me ! I'm single everyone :)
Eat much when sad , it really works . You may try this and you will amaze how it works so fast .

Once the chances go , nothing in front . You will regret , I'm serious .

January 12, 2011

What the hell.

I haven't finish my homework. Was delighted by my homework. I know it's quite weird but I have been expected the homework since the first day of school reopen. Well , it is not the point I blogging. Yea , today really bad day for me :(

Maybe I should know this early , and it will not be getting so horrible just like now. I don't know how to face with you , I really dont know. And what I did make you become like this ? Just because of the shitty little mere thing ? And it was not your business too . We were best friend , I wish. But it's not for now , let the memories go.

Thankyou so much for you , another you for telling so many. I like to listen the truth ,always. And it's not your fault don't care so much please. You're still a good person :)

Goodnight everyone , I need to continue my lovely homework. and advice for all , don't trust your friend so much unless she/he is really good.

January 7, 2011

Be brave to take all the things you want.

No going school today , saw a lot of messages when I woke up. Thanks for all the message-sender :) thankyou alot. No worries I am okay now. I don't like home when all my friends in school , how bad -- about 99 percents of students like school because of the friends HAHA I guarantee.

Happen lot of things during these few days after school reopen. I wonder how would it happen so fast. Just like only 3 seconds. Amazing -- unbelievable. 4s Xin , I realized that I have no female friend in this class. Surrounded by all boys. ALL BOYS. They all consider I am boy too. Sad case. Advice for me not to be gay. How sad TT

Science stream really not for enjoy . And this year is not a honey moon year for the senior one students , teacher told. work harder everyone :) Lot of tuitions I attend , English physics math. I don't know why I like tuition -- started form last year , HAHA with dearest Ssung. Oh yes , heard a very-shock news last day from Ssung. Really shock ! And congraz :) for Ssung : I scare we two will Like that too , HAHA hen funny please xD wait me lah ! So fast for me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Till then , bye-bye. 

January 1, 2011

2011 :D

Hello 2011 :) You shouldn't come so fast . And 2010 shouldn't go too fast :( sad case . I miss those previous precious moments . Whatever lah , still welcome 2011 :D

The super cheap Genting no any fireworks yesterday . Chidabian , everyone was waiting at there no matter how cold was there and waiting an hour , half an hour , fifteen minutes , ten minutes , five minutes , a minute , thirty seconds , ten seconds , then nine , eight , seven , six , five , four , three , two , one , then -------------------( silent ) Chidabian , countdown without firework-ing :( Sad one . TT yesterday hen COLD @@

School gonna reopen , HAHAHAHAHAH ! ILOVEYOU